Bigger, better, prettier: our new look Event Store Newsletter

Steph Gill  |  09 October 2021

Did you know we have a newsletter? We do! Every month(ish) we gather all the recent blog posts, news announcements, upcoming training dates, and job listings and mail them out to our lovely subscribers (want to become one? Sign up here). All fairly standard for company newsletters. 

We recently looked at our newsletter and thought "we can do better". So that's what we did. Specifically, our Digital Marketing Manager did it (but let's call it a team effort). What has changed?



Our new layout has to posts in two columns, with the option for a headline article at the top of the page. We add a sentence reflecting the content of the post below to let you know what the article will cover. It's also limited to six articles, so you can't be overwhelmed with content. 


Each article includes artwork by our talented Designer to help convey the message of the article and add some colour to your day. All the images within the article are drawn in the same style to convey our branding and keep you within the context of the article. 


Each newsletter contains the most recent news regarding EventStoreDB, Event Store Cloud, and Event Store. It also contains the most recent articles published on the Event Store Blog, written either by Event Store staff or by a specially selected Guest Writer. We aim to make sure the content can help you create the best Event-Sourced based system for your needs, regardless of platform or price. Successful Event Sourcing is good for the whole community.


It's definitely monthly. It's not always been monthly in the past, but along with the new layout and look to the newsletter we've improved our workflow to make sure the newsletters go out at a regular cadence. I'm not going to promise we'll always get it right, because we're human. However, I can promise we'll do our best to get them out monthly. 

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Now that you have an idea of what our newsletter looks like now, sign up here and receive the next newsletter. Do you have any thoughts on the newsletter? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you!

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Steph Gill is Community Engager at Event Store. She lives in Somerset, UK and spends her spare time gaming and walking across the Mendips.