Derek Comartin explains Event Sourcing on Code Opinion

Steph Gill  |  08 October 2021

Derek Comartin presents videos on a range of software architecture and design topics in his YouTube channel Code Opinion and on his Twitter feed. His videos are accessible and effective explanations of complicated topics and can improve your understanding of important concepts. 

Here are some of his videos that can help you learn and expand your understanding of Event Sourcing, Event-Driven architecture, and more.

This video on his top five patterns for Event-Driven architecture is a great resource to start thinking about what design patterns could work for your setup. 

If you're not sure about creating events from CRUD or commands, this explanation will clear it up for you. Derek explains how publishing events from CRUD are usually for propagating state, and events from commands are more like push notifications. 

If you're working on software as a service (SaaS), you'll need to use multi-tenant architecture. This is an excellent explanation of using multi-tenant architecture for SaaS including segregated compute and data storage and lanes for groups of tenants. 

There are more videos on his channel covering a wide range of topics, so subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with his content. 

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