It’s competition time!

James Nugent  |  24 December 2012

As Christmas and New Year fast approach us, we have lots of goodies we’re going to be announcing at Event Store!

Whenever we talk about the Event Store, we’re careful to point out things that really shouldn’t be done (like using projections to build a broker in JavaScript), but now is the time to ignore that advice for a few days for our Christmas competition!

Whoever comes up with what we consider to be the best (ab)use of Event Store will win a ticket for Functional Programming eXchange at Skills Matter in London for a day of talks, open-space discussions and brainstorming on Functional Programming.

Better still, we’ll pay for you to get there up to a value of £650! Alternatively, if your mean boss won’t give you time to do it, you can opt for a choice of gadgets including an iPad or Surface!

To get you started quickly, we’ll shortly be putting up a binary of the latest development branch of Event Store. This includes a load of goodies which we’ll be discussing over this week.

The deadline for submissions either via a repository on GitHub or by email is 11th January 2013 and we’ll announce a winner soon after that – tweet @eventstore to let us know where your repository is. All submissions must be open sourced.

Merry Christmas!