Developer Advocate

09 September 2020

Event Store is a rapidly expanding Open Source Software Database company with offices across the world, embarking on an exciting growth journey to revolutionize how modern distributed systems are built.

The users of Event Store products and services are software architects, senior developers, and operators who strive to build and maintain world-class software applications. Event Store is poised to become a leading database technology for modern distributed applications and these architects, developers, and operators require a high performing database to leverage for their applications.

We’re looking to fill a Developer Advocate position that will be focusing on helping our users to write, deploy and run event sourced applications using Event Store.

You’ll be responsible for building and nurturing great relationships with developers online, identifying areas where their experience can be improved, and creating and writing amazing samples and content. Where required, you will be expected to build additional tooling to improve the overall experience of using Event Store.

The location for this role is remote or could be at Event Store’s The Hague Netherlands; Bath UK or Austin Texas U.S.A.


  • Creating content in a range of mediums including tutorials and screencasts
  • Keeping documentation up to date with the latest version of our database
  • Teaching people the best patterns and practices around Event Sourcing
  • Teaching people how to use Event Store and our other tools
  • Speaking at conferences and helping at booths
  • Interacting with our users
  • Providing feedback to product teams


  • Experience building and running event sourced applications
  • Experience with domain driven design concepts and ideas
  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Strong writing style
  • Teaching skills
  • Ability to quickly understand and experiment with new technologies
  • Any previous experience in developer advocacy would be beneficial