Developer Experience (DevEx)

19 October 2022

Event Store is a rapidly expanding Open Source Software Database company embarking on an exciting growth journey to revolutionize how modern distributed systems are built.

The users of Event Store products and services are software architects, senior developers, and operators who strive to build and maintain world-class software applications. Event Store is poised to become a leading database technology for modern distributed applications and these architects, developers, and operators require a high-performing database to leverage for their applications.

We’re looking to fill a Developer Experience (DevEx) position that will be focusing on evaluating and improving how a developer uses EventStoreDB and Cloud.  This role is perfect for any engineer with a passion for continuous delivery who enjoys writing tooling and libraries that help other engineers deliver value faster, better and safer.  Ideally, you will have development experience using event sourcing or message-based systems.

The location for this role is remote. Salary is dependent on experience.


  • Building great tools to simplify product teams day to day tasks
  • Guiding design discussions; being the voice of focus and experience with helping the team balance flexibility, expediency, scalability & performance
  • Collaborating with product teams and using observability data to identify opportunities to improve the developer experience
  • Supporting teams with their productivity, automation, and pipeline questions, including teaching how to best use our tooling and processes to their gain
  • Delivering clean, architecturally sound, and maintainable code
  • Championing new technologies and making following good development practices so easy they’re the default choice
  • Keeping up-to-date on industry trends, including opportunities to attend conferences
  • Recognizing the most important work to be doing right now, whether that is technical debt or new feature development, to deliver value as effectively as possible
  • Exposure/awareness of modern-day programming languages
  • Demonstrable understanding of SaaS and use cases and best practices in public cloud
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines

The ideal candidate will exhibit the following


  • Familiarity with data stores and data processing, e.g. RDBMS, NoSQL, and queues
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines,
  • Knowledge of software design and testing patterns with more than one software language
  • Experience with agile development practices
  • Experience working within cloud environment and related industry benchmark/best practice projects
  • Ability to support engineers and diagnose problems at any level (Client, HTTP/Network, Server, Database, OS)
  • An interest in working in a fast-paced startup
  • Any previous experience in developer experience (DevEx) or developer relation (DevRel) would be beneficial
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English


  • Experience developing and running event-sourced applications
  • Experience in building resilient distributed applications deployed in containers, Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with Infrastructure as Code, e.g. Terraform, Pulumi, Helm charts
  • Experience with domain-driven design concepts and ideas
  • Great communication skills
  • Strong writing style
  • Teaching skills
  • Ability to quickly understand and experiment with new technologies