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TEST - Introduction to Event Sourcing (on-demand) (Clone)

2020-04-16T16:00Z     2020-04-16T16:00Z     2 hours     Alexey Zimarev

Following last month’s popular Q&A session which broadly covered Event Sourcing, CQRS, DDD, in addition to EventStoreDB itself, we decided this time to focus purely on EventStoreDB’s server and underlying database technology. It’s a great chance for you to learn more about what goes on “under the hood” of the leading database for Event Sourcing. Joining the session to answer your questions will be James Geall, VP of Engineering at Event Store. We encourage you to submit questions ahead of time.

At the end of the session, we will answer questions from the audience (if we have enough time left). Reserve your seat now!

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This webinar is a practical introduction for developers and architects who are new to Event Sourcing and are interested in seeing how to convert business requirements into an event-sourced application.

Event Sourcing is an alternative way to persist data. In contrast with state-oriented persistence that only keeps the latest version of the entity state, Event Sourcing stores each state mutation as a separate record called an event. In this webinar, Alexey, Developer Advocate at Event Store, introduces the concept of Event Sourcing and explores some of the key principles with example code.

Join Alexey Zimarev, Developer Advocate at Event Store, to learn:

  • What is Event Sourcing?
  • Introduce some of the benefits of Event Sourcing
  • How to convert business requirements into an event-sourced application
  • Example application code