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Event-Driven Modeling Anti-Patterns

2024-09-04T11:30Z     2024-09-04T11:30Z     1 hour     Oskar Dudycz

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About this webinar

During the session, you'll learn the specifics of event modelling, starting with bad practices and knowing why and how to avoid them.

You'll also find out that there's a thin line between bad and good practices!

Key insights from Oskar's webinar:

  1. Importance of Understanding Bad Practices:

    • The webinar emphasizes that knowing what not to do can be as crucial as knowing best practices. Understanding bad practices, such as Passive Aggressive Events or CRUD sourcing, and knowing why and how to avoid them is essential for effective event modelling.

    Context Determines Practices:

    • There is a thin line between bad and good practices, and this line is often defined by the context in which practices are applied. The session highlights the importance of context in evaluating and implementing event modelling strategies.

    Specifics of Event-Driven Modeling:

    • Attendees will learn the specifics of event modeling, starting with identifying bad practices. This foundational knowledge helps in building a better understanding of effective event modelling techniques by contrasting them with what should be avoided.