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Tackling Complexity with Event Sourcing

2024-07-11T14:30Z     2024-07-11T14:30Z     1 hour     Erik Shafer

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About this webinar

You’re part of a team responsible for applying business logic and aggregating data for thousands of SKUs that are sold on dozens of online marketplaces.

  • Why should Event Sourcing, and related concepts such as CQRS and Event-Driven Architecture be considered?
  • What are the trade-offs?
  • How do you implement such ideas when you only find Hello World level examples for?
In this webinar Erik will answer these questions and go over how a fast-growing start-up adopted these concepts successfully, including the challenges, failures, and solutions found along the way.

Erik's key takeaways

  1. Unlocking Real-Time Insights: Discover how Event Sourcing, CQRS, and Event-Driven Architecture can revolutionize your data aggregation process, enabling real-time insights into thousands of SKUs across multiple online marketplaces. Understand the fundamental principles behind these concepts and their applicability in your business context.

  2. Navigating Trade-offs: Gain valuable insights into the trade-offs involved in implementing Event Sourcing and related concepts. Learn how to balance the benefits of real-time data processing with considerations such as complexity, scalability, and maintainability. Understand the nuances of these architectural choices and how they impact your business logic and data aggregation workflows.

  3. Practical Implementation Strategies: Overcome the challenge of implementing advanced concepts like Event Sourcing and CQRS in a real-world scenario with limited resources and Hello World level examples. Explore practical strategies and best practices, derived from a fast-growing start-up's successful adoption journey. Learn from their experiences, including the challenges, failures, and innovative solutions, to accelerate your own implementation efforts and drive business success.