Alexey Zimarev Joins Event Store as Developer Advocate

Dan Crosby  |  07 April 2020

On Monday, March 30, Event Store CEO Dave Remy announced that Alexey Zimarev has joined the team as a Developer Advocate and will play a key role in helping our users to write, deploy and run event-sourced applications using Event Store. His main focus will be on helping to improve the technical documentation for Event Store’s server and clients.

Zimarev brings years of experience as a software architect and developer and has been involved in building several production systems that use Event Sourcing. His particular interests are in event-driven architectures, domain-driven design, distributed systems, and Event Sourcing, and he is heavily involved with the DDD community meetups.

In addition, Zimarev has contributed to a number of open-source software projects for .NET as a member of MassTransit and Proto.Actor and a maintainer of RestSharp.

“I started using Event Store immediately after I discovered the Event Sourcing pattern back in 2016. It was quite natural since I learned Event Sourcing initially from Greg Young,” Zimarev said in a statement. “Since then, I’ve gained more experience with the product and met quite a few people from the Event Store engineering team. After I wrote the book ‘Hands-On Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core’, in which most of the examples use Event Store, it was just a matter of time before I got involved with the fantastic Event Store team”.

Remy added “It’s fantastic to have Alexey join Event Store. When we put out the job spec for the Developer Advocate role we wanted to find someone who is not just an expert in Event Sourcing, but is also passionate and well-rehearsed in helping other developers learn the pattern; in Alexey, we’ve got that, and more.”

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