We use our years of experience helping customers with their event-sourced systems to provide implementation and development consulting that helps you get the most from your Event Sourcing project. Tell us your requirements and we'll provide a bespoke plan and quote.

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Need some advice on implementing EventStoreDB or Event Sourcing in general?

If you’re starting an Event Sourcing project and need some guidance, we’re here to help. Consulting from Event Store connects your team with our engineers, and we’ll use our years of expertise and experience to advise you on building systems using Event Sourcing and the best possible setup of EventStoreDB within your technology stack for a successful outcome and great ongoing performance.

  • Deployment review

    Is the Event Store deployment you have properly sized for your current and future success?

    We will review your deployment of EventStoreDB server to explore a targeted problem or challenge you are facing with your implementation, and we will support you to identify issues and help you address them.

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  • Efficiency review

    Is your system making the most efficient use of the event store? Are you using the best patterns, and what opportunities exist to optimize your system?

    We will review your clients that connect to EventStoreDB to identify issues that may be affecting performance. We will look at your client code and look for opportunities to improve patterns and apply best practices to help you optimize your system.

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  • New project review

    Are you and your team designing your first event-sourced system or first implementation of EventStoreDB?

    We can participate in your initial design meetings to help you avoid well known anti-patterns and help make your first Event Sourcing project a success. The objective of the review is to make sure that your team sets out on the right path with the project from early on, and we’ll deliver your team actionable recommendations that you can take forward to help the system better meet your business objectives.

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  • Architectural review

    Do you have wider questions about your existing implementation?

    We can perform an architectural review to help find solutions to grow your Event Sourcing architecture to the next level. By first understanding the problem space and then getting into the detail of your system along with the pain points you are encountering, the objective of the review is to deliver your team actionable recommendations that you can take forward to help your systems better meet your business objectives.

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Additional Consulting Services

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+ Formal Report

We can add a formal summary of recommendations or findings to any consultancy offering. The length of this will vary based on your needs and scale of the consultancy provided.

+ Ongoing Support

After completing an initial consultancy engagement, we can offer various ongoing support options to continue helping you to build or review your implementation.