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Event Store Cloud

Rest easy knowing your production EventStoreDB clusters are secure and managed by our team of experts, with support for AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds. Sign up and start your project today.

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What is Event Store Cloud?

Event Store Cloud is a fully managed SaaS offering that’s designed to make it easy for developers to build and run highly available and secure applications that incorporate EventStoreDB without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. You can provision EventStoreDB clusters in AWS, Azure, and GCP, and connect these services securely to your own cloud resources. And it’s fully compatible with the existing EventStoreDB database product, enabling you to easily adopt the solution.

Production tested by companies across a range of industries, Event Store Cloud is ideal for customers looking to run EventStoreDB in production and whilst reducing the overhead of managing the underlying infrastructure.

Looking to migrate an existing EventStoreDB database?

We have various tools and options to help you migrate to Event Store Cloud. Click here to get in touch with our team and discuss your requirements.


Features of Event Store Cloud

  • amazon-web-services-white
    AWS (Amazon Web Services) Automated provisioning to AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • google-cloud
    GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Automated provisioning to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).
  • microsoft-azure
    Microsoft Azure Automated provisioning to Microsoft Azure.
  • Managed EventStoreDB Provision EventStoreDB clusters on demand and connect clusters to your chosen cloud infrastructure provider. Other features include: automated vertical scaling, disk resizing, cluster version upgrades, and cluster health management.
  • Access control Event Store Cloud features a policy based access control system that can be applied to an organization and project bucketing model allowing for fine grained access to provisioned resources.
  • Backup and restore Cluster snapshots may be created on demand or scheduled to support your data protection policies. These snapshots can then be restored to a new cluster on demand.
  • Billing Estimation of cost is provided prior to the creation of new resources. You will be invoiced monthly for the resources used in the previous month, and billing is calculated hourly based on running resources.
  • Event console Manage notifications for Event Store Cloud and Managed EventStoreDB events as they occur. Filter and push notifications to third party integrations like OpsGenie and PagerDuty.
  • Automate Event Store Cloud provides a first-class API and CLI tool for automation. A Terraform provider and Pulumi provider are also available.
Event Store Cloud UI
  • General Availability

    Building the core platform and feature set with a focus on production readiness.

    • Start of development

      • Core features and functionality
      • CLI
      • Console/UI
      • Terraform provider
      • Applications invited for EA participation

    • Early Access

      • Invite-only participation started
      • AWS and GCP support
      • Cluster disk expansion with no downtime
      • Backup and restore clusters
      • Access control improvements

    • Preview

      • Azure support added
      • Scheduled backups
      • Production-ready
      • Finer grained access control policy configuration

    • General Availability

      • Cluster health management and Events Console
      • Integration - OpsGenie
      • Integration - PagerDuty
      • Integration - Slack
      • Work load estimates for instance sizes

    • Managed EventStoreDB enhancements

      • Migration tooling (online replicator)

  • Up Next

    Expanding the feature set and enhancing developer experience.

    • Access control enhancements

      • Service or machine account tokens
      • Restrict access to users with MFA enabled
      • Streamlined login experience

    • Activity log

      • A log of user events
      • Provisioning
      • API
      • Access control changes

    • Billing dashboard

      • Automated invoicing
      • Basic monthly forecast
      • Selectable support plan
      • Project based invoice itemization
      • Provisioning activation upon billing setup

    • Managed EventStoreDB enhancements

      • Vertical resizing
      • Scheduled scavenging
      • Cloud integrated authentication
      • Protect resources from accidental deletion
      • Peering improvements

    • Automation enhancements

      • Pulumi provider

    • Application Performance Management

      • Log integrations (Datadog, Amazon CloudWatch, Google Cloud Monitoring)
      • Metric integrations (Datadog, Amazon CloudWatch, Google Cloud Monitoring)

  • Future

    Further third-party integrations, security features, and advanced functionality.

    • Access control enhancements

      • External identity providers
      • OAuth
      • SAML
      • IP based access control to API/console
      • Restrict allowed users to defined IDP groups
      • Restrict peers to a list of allowed provider accounts

    • Managed EventStoreDB enhancements

      • Simplified network to desktop connectivity
      • TailScale cross connect
      • EventStoreDB release upgrades
      • Empty or reset a database
      • Database migration service (offline, file based)
      • Cluster health dashboard
      • Read-only replicas