Download EventStoreDB

The open-source edition of EventStoreDB is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Ubuntu, and Docker.

Choose between our current releases below to get started.

  • 24.6

    Latest version: 24.6.0

    The latest feature release of EventStoreDB. Supported until the next LTS release 24.10.

    Download 24.6.0
  • 23.10 (LTS)

    Latest version: 23.10.1

    The current LTS (long-term support) release of EventStoreDB. Supported until October 2025.

    Download 23.10.1
  • 22.10 (LTS)

    Latest version: 22.10.5

    The previous LTS (long-term support) release of EventStoreDB. Supported until November 2024.

    Download 22.10.5


  • Which release should I choose?

    We generally recommend using the latest LTS release for production projects. You can find out more about our release/support schedule here.
  • Is EventStoreDB free to use?

    EventStoreDB open-source edition is permissively licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.

    You can find the license here.

  • How do I get started with EventStoreDB?

    Choose the release you would like to use above, then follow the instructions to download the version for your chosen platform.

    You will be presented with basic getting-started instructions to download, install, and run EventStoreDB Server with a basic developer configuration.

    When you have the database server running, you can continue to install and use one of our gRPC client SDKs to interact with the database from your application code.

    Further documentation is available on our Developers' website.