Protect your business-critical systems with technical support from the team behind EventStoreDB. Plans for every stage of project from proof of concept to successful operation in production, with a range of SLAs to suit startups to enterprise organizations worldwide.

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We felt the value of support immediately. Over time the questions I asked became more advanced and in-depth, as I worked to understand EventStoreDB and could ask the subject-matter experts at Event Store. Slav Ivanyuk  |  CTO and Co-Founder, SkuVault

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Enterprise support plans for production environments and business-critical systems

Your systems are your business, so if one of them goes down you're losing money. Get peace of mind with a developer-led support plan from Event Store and our team will be here to support you with operational questions, performance issues, and critical problems. You can choose the SLA that suits your project, from next day for standard production systems to 2 hours for critical enterprise systems. You’ll also get access to the commercial high-availability version of EventStoreDB which includes a set of operational tools.


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