Stop losing critical data

EventStoreDB built for event-native applications

EventStoreDB is a new category of database used by finance companies to improve auditing and compliance within event sourced applications.


Built for event sourcing, EventStoreDB immutably stores every event to give you context rich business data. Decouple your complex systems, increase scalability and flexibility, gain real-time insights and future proof your architecture.

Root Cause Analysis

Learn how Insureon, a leading online marketplace for small business insurance, can time travel through their system to perform root cause analysis.


Real-Time Data

Wiser used EventStoreDB to architect a new solution that spanned multiple data types such as real-time pricing information, purchase feeds, sales history and customer data.

Flexibility & Transparency

Linedata used Event Sourcing with EventStoreDB to give customers increased flexibility, greater transparency, reduced costs, and quicker response times to changes in the market.


In the new digital world, we are generating tremendous amounts of data. EventStoreDB has allowed us to manage and understand these large quantities without losing agility and scalability. It has enabled us to perform asynchronous tasks on datasets, speeding up our consumption of data, and allowing our organisation to glean new insight into our business.

Rohit Harshvardhan, Technical Team Lead, Insureon

These guys are responsive and support Linedata to make changes to address any issues that occur. As thought leaders and experts in event-sourced architecture, we are proud to be one of their foundational customers in the financial services industry.

Adrian Tovey, Global Director of Program Management, Linedata

I’m a 100% happy with Event Store Cloud. Availability has been super high, and many of the more difficult things that we would normally have to do to implement the solution were done for us. I’m happy to say it just works.

Leo O'Donnell, Chief Architect, Wiser

We’re using Event Store in 11 countries. We’re able to sync everything and in the last year, we haven’t had a single incident - the application is running 24/7 - which is a big achievement!

Daniel Cano, Head of Application Transformation, Holcim
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Build Modern Microservices
With EvenStoreDB

Principle Solutions Architect at Event Store, Yves Lorphelin, explains the core principles of Event Sourcing and explores how EventStoreDB can help with your microservices architecture.

How Traditional Databases 
Make Scalability Hard

In today's data-driven world, traditional databases can make it hard for your applications to distribute data which causes challenges when you try to scale. Developer Advocate, Stephen Tung, explains why traditional databases could be holding you back.

Create Decoupled, 
Scalable Solutions

As your system grows and becomes integrated with more and more external systems, you might find that it becomes tightly coupled and hard to change. EventStoreDB helps you solve this problem enabling you to innovate and become more competitive.


Step 1:
Download EvenStoreDB

There are lots of ways to install the open-source version of EventStoreDB. We also offer a commercial version that is available to our paid support plan customers.


Step 2:
Read our Documentation

Follow our beginner’s tutorial for step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing the server, and writing sample applications to write and read events.


Step 3:
Join Our Community

Our community is a space to learn more about EventStoreDB. Come and discover why we are so much more than just another Event Store.


Why EventStoreDB?

Are you facing downstream complexity, losing critical data, and not storing the business context?

Traditional database technologies can no longer support the real-time demands of modern-day financial systems. EventStoreDB allows you to store not just the data but the context of that data which is critical to auditing and compliance. 

That’s why many FinTechs and financial companies have opted for EventStoreDB, a database built for Event Sourcing that maintains the fast distribution of information, reduces downstream complexity and keeps an audit trail of who did what and when - helping you to meet the increased regulations.


Store what matters

Only store the data that brings the most value to your business, and never throw away what you choose to store.


Effortless insights

Answer the why of the events in your business processes, not just the what.


Speak fluent business

Name your streams and events according to business processes,so that everyone speaks in the same language.


Prevent legacy hell

Future proof your data store, have forever flexibility on structure with a permanent source of truth.


Give a little, get a lot

Spend time setting up your state-transition data model today, for unlimited benefits in the future.


Real-time event streaming

Downstream systems can subscribe to real-time notifications of events that are of interest creating a scalable distributed architecture.