Use cases for Finance

See why EventStoreDB, the event-native database for data-led businesses, is disrupting the finance sector

EventStoreDB is the first event-native database. It records not just your data, but the different changes your data goes through over time. EventStoreDB is designed to store events that record not just what’s changed, but why it changed in the order those changes occurred. This creates a permanent, unchangeable log of all the changes the data has gone through.

You may be asked: Why have your earnings gone down? Why has your customer started saving more money? When you use a state-transition database, EventStoreDB can answer these questions instantly, accurately and honestly. Not only that, but it can answer the questions your business has today, the questions it has on past data, and any questions it has tomorrow.


Get more value from your data

Data is one of the most important assets to FinTech companies. However, it's more valuable to store the data that gives the most insight to your company. Find what data can give you the insights you need for your company to grow, and model that data in a state-transition database.

Whether you have a legacy system that requires improvement with no downtime, or working on a new project, EventStoreDB can work with your current data stack or sit as your application database.

An “event” is something that has happened. The account was in one state, an “event” happened, and now the account is in a different state. Looking at the events will tell you what’s changed, but looking at the events in EventStoreDB will give you the context in which it changed. EventStoreDB gives you the answer to your “why”. Which is more valuable to your business?

Imagine this power replicated across your data. Why were the earnings less this week than last week? With an event-native database in your tech-stack, there’s no end to the amount of questions you can answer. Its power is in being bespoke to your project and business, with endless possibilities for value.

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Benefits of an event-native database

Our top reasons why EventStoreDB is brilliant for the finance industry

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    Store what matters Only store the data that brings the most value to your business, and never throw away what you choose to store.
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    Effortless insights Answer the why of the events in your business processes, not just the what.
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    Speak fluent business Name your streams and events according to business processes, so that everyone speaks in the same language.
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    Prevent legacy hell Future proof your data store, have forever flexibility on structure with a permanent source of truth.
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    Give a little, get a lot Spend time setting up your state-transition data model today, for unlimited benefits in the future.
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    Real-time event streaming Downstream systems can subscribe to real-time notifications of events that are of interest creating a scalable distributed architecture.
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Hundreds of organizations around the world are using EventStoreDB in their Production systems. Read what our customers have to say about it and the value they get from it.

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