Use cases for Technology

See why EventStoreDB is a great database for technology companies providing SaaS solutions or trading applications


Event Sourcing is excellent for tech companies: using an immutable log of data, a single source of truth makes auditing a much more streamlined process. This is not the only thing an Event Store can do for the tech industry.

  • Fast pace of change
  • Quick and unpredictable growth of data
  • Need for in-depth analytics
  • Easy to spin up new microservices tied into central data model
  • Scalability: handle lots of data
  • Flexibility: transform frontend data to meet changing needs of business
  • Legacy system migration

"Trading needs to be high performance and low latency. The scalability is critical. By using Event Sourcing with EventStoreDB, we were able to handle larger volumes and scale faster."

Tech companies that provide services such as SaaS solutions or trading applications need to adapt and change in order to compete, and they need a system architecture that enables them to do it fast. They also need to be able to perform an in-depth analysis of a growing dataset to monitor performance and focus development.

By using EventStoreDB to build their systems with Event Sourcing, our tech customers have benefited from a high-performance data model that scales and an improved capability to spin up new microservices connected to their central data model.


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