Use cases for Transport

See why EventStoreDB is a great database for transport organizations


Event Sourcing is excellent for transport organizations: using an immutable log of data, a single source of truth makes auditing a much more streamlined process. This is not the only thing an Event Store can do for the transport industry.

  • Real-time processing
  • Immutable audit logs
  • Multiple systems and data sources
  • Immutable audit log
  • Streams increase observability
  • Great performance that scales
  • High availability

Transport companies carrying out activities such as shipping, freight, and logistics, have a strong need to track shipments accurately and in near real-time to provide customers with a smooth experience. They also have a requirement for in-depth data analysis to measure efficiency and track against targets like carbon emissions.

Event Store customers in the transport industry are benefiting from building their systems using Event Sourcing. With their data being stored as events in immutable streams, they have a full audit log and an improved capability for real-time processing.


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