Use cases for Healthcare

See why EventStoreDB is a great database for health and medical  organizations


Event Sourcing is excellent for healthcare and pharma organizations: using an immutable log of data, a single source of truth makes auditing a much more streamlined process. This is not the only thing an Event Store can do for the medical industry.

  • Migrating multiple legacy systems
  • Adapting to changing regulations
  • Centralizing access to data
  • Scalability: handle lots of data
  • Flexibility: transform frontend to meet changing requirements
  • Single source of truth
  • Legacy system migration

“From a data integrity point of view, what makes Event Sourcing so attractive is how it supports the strictest audit trail requirements.”


Medical imaging is an essential part of healthcare. Images taken of patients need to be clear representations of their subjects. They need to provide the doctors with the ability to make a diagnosis and to remain part of the patient’s medical record. They also need to be subject to all the relevant medical regulations regarding patient confidentiality. 

In 2003, The U.S Food and Drug Administration issued guidelines on the maintenance of electronic records and electronic signatures. Over the next decade, medical institutions started requiring that medical equipment must comply with the guidelines. This presented an excellent opportunity for innovation in the industry: improving the auditing capability of medical devices to meet the guidelines. 

Through our Support team, we’ve come across setups that are combinations of relational databases, SQL servers, and flat files which could never provide full traceability. With such complicated setups, the prior data would be overwritten when changes are made, resulting in the loss of important historical information. 

This is where Event Sourcing comes in. Where some companies use parallel audit tables to keep track of changes in data, an Event Store can store all the changes in one log. EventStoreDB is the only database built from the ground up on Event Sourcing principles. It has solved issues of traceability, auditing requirements, and enhanced data management for companies in a range of industries. 

The Event Store Support Team has helped many companies embrace EventStoreDB and Event Store Cloud as a powerful solution to help achieve their data management goals. The auditability, traceability, and accountability that EventStoreDB offers are perfect for managing medical imagery. Images can be stored and analyzed efficiently and confidentially, and be fully auditable. 

Adapting to New Guidelines

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many medical companies started working on testing methods to help with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. In the imaging industry, some started preparing image readers to detect COVID, for use by government regulatory agencies. In order to be as accurate as possible and allow for proper analysis, the auditing capability of any medical imaging or plate reading software had to be impeccable. With the flexibility of an Event Store, we helped medical imaging companies roll out new solutions with improved audit trails within a few weeks, compared to relational database solutions that could have taken 3-6 months to complete.


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