Event Store at DDDEU 2022

Natasha Waldron  |  22 June 2022

Event Store is excited to be joining Software Developers and Architects from across Europe and beyond at this year’s DDD Europe, taking place this week!

Alexey Zimarev at DDD Europe

Event Store's, Alexey Zimarev will be giving a talk at this year's event. He'll be presenting on 'Event Sourcing As Part Of The Journey Towards Data Mesh' on Friday at 2.30pm

Data Mesh promotes the idea of moving from centralised analytics that collects the necessary data from multiple upstream sources using complex data pipelines, to decentralised data products that are supported by domain-centric teams. At Event Store, we promote Event Sourcing as a way to build systems and persist state, where you don’t lose history. We found that domain events share both operational and analytical characteristics, and we’d like to share our ideas about building data products in event-sourced systems.

We're pleased to announce that we'll also be exhibiting at DDD Europe, showcasing how our event-native database,  EventStoreDB, can help the DDD community build better systems.

Come and visit us on the exhibition floor, our team will be there to chat and show demos of the Event Store solutions.  Of course, we’ll have some awesome giveaways (including socks, yes socks!).

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at the event and showing how EventStoreDB.

Domain-Driven Design Europe

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2022 Software Modelling & Design Conference takes place at the Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam between the 20th and 24th of June 2022.

This conference sets the perfect stage to discover how others are using Domain-Driven Design to build better software. The content is programming language agnostic and spans analysis, modelling and design, systems thinking and complexity theory, architecture, testing and refactoring, visualisation, collaboration, and more!

DDDEU is the perfect place to level up your skills and network with like-minded people in the DDD community.

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Natasha Waldron is the Event Marketing Manager at Event Store, ensuring Event Store is at the heart of the industry events! She lives in Bath, UK, keeps fit with Crossfit and loves a wild swim.