Event Store At KCDC 2024

Natasha Waldron  |  12 June 2024

Event Store is looking forward to returning to the Kansas City Developer Conference as a gold sponsor!

This is a three-day, multi-track conference that covers all aspects of software development and agile project management. KCDC have speakers from all over the country (including our very own Erik Shafer) who are industry experts in their field and deliver both learning sessions as well as hands on workshops to further the audience’s knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Tackle Complexity with Event Sourcing!

Event Store's Developer Advocate, Erik Shafer, is joining this years awesome line up,  with his talk on Event Sourcing entitled 'Tackling Complexity with Event Sourcing'

Erik Talk KCDC

Talk description

You’re part of a team responsible for applying business logic and aggregating data for thousands of SKUs that are sold on dozens of online marketplaces.

  • Why should Event Sourcing, and related concepts such as CQRS and Event-Driven Architecture be considered?
  • What are the trade-offs?
  • How do you implement such ideas when you only find Hello World level examples for?

In this talk, Erik will answer these questions and go over how a fast-growing start-up adopted these concepts successfully, including the challenges, failures, and solutions found along the way.

Friday 28th June at 3.30 - 4.30pm

The Event Store Booth

KCDC is the perfect place to level up your skills and network with like-minded community members. Event Store invites you to learn how EventStoreDB and Event Store Cloud can get the most out of your data and building with EventStoreDB. 

If you have any challenges with your current database, pop by booth 110 and explore how our solutions can resolve them.

Free Swag!

We will have some fantastic giveaways, including socks, pin badges, stickers, and more. We also have a giant map of the USA, so all attendees can pin where they have traveled from and create a map of KCDC's reach!


Win A Steam Deck!

We will also be running a raffle to WIN a super cool Steam Deck the new OLED version . Stop by the Event Store booth 110 to find out how!


KCDC Raffle

We Look Forward to Seeing You

With KCDC just around the corner, we can't wait to meet you! If you haven't secured your ticket yet, don't miss out - you can still grab them here!

Upcoming Events

Event Store will be at the following events in 2024:

KanDDDinsky, 28-30 October, Berlin

QCon, 18-22 November, San Francisco

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Natasha Waldron is the Event Marketing Manager at Event Store, ensuring Event Store is at the heart of the industry events! She lives in Bath, UK, keeps fit with Crossfit and loves a wild swim.