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Natasha Waldron  |  06 March 2024

Event Store is excited to be joining this year's QCon London as a gold sponsor, taking place from 8th - 10th April. 

Event Store at QCon

QCon London is the perfect place to level up your skills and network with like-minded community members. Event Store invites you to learn how EventStoreDB and Event Store Cloud can get the most out of your data and building with EventStoreDB. 

Event Stores Stephen Tung is also talking at QCon at 11.45 am on Monday 8th April, read on to find out more!

If you have any challenges with your current database, pop by stand 17 and explore how our solutions can resolve them.

Free Swag!

We will have some fantastic giveaways, including socks (check out the design for 2024), pin badges, stickers, and more. We also have a giant map of Europe, so all attendees can pin their homes and create a map of QCon's reach!

KanDDDinsky map

Win A Steam Deck!

We will also be running a raffle to WIN a super cool Steam Deck the new OLED version .Stop by the Event Store booth (17) to find out how!



Event Store Meet-up!

Join us for FREE drinks and nibbles

Event Store will be holding a meet-up for QCon attendees, where you can join us for free drinks and nibbles. Come and hang out with fellow attendees and share knowledge of the days events!

Date: 9th April

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Blue Boar Pub, 45 Tothill St, London SW1H 9LQ

Let us know you'll be attending

Stephen Tung's Talk

Don't miss Stephen Tung's (Developer Advocate) talk at QCon on Monday 8th April at 11.45 am

 You capture only 1% of business data. Unlock the rest with EventStoreDB

Stephen tung talk at QCon

Your application is only capturing 1% of your business operational data and you have absolutely no idea what miracles you are capable of when you capture the rest with EventStoreDB and Event Sourcing. Most systems today are fixated on storing data's current state - like the newest updates to user profiles or final order statuses - ignoring the wealth of information hidden in the historical changes that data undergoes. This approach captures only the end result, neglecting the valuable sequence of events that led there.
 Event sourcing redefines data capture by treating every change as essential, rigorously logging each event that impacts the system. This approach provides a complete digital ledger of operations, capturing every transaction, decision, and intent in the finest granularity. It's a shift from capturing mere outcomes to embracing the complete journey, offering a holistic view of operational data.
EventStoreDB is the world's leading event sourcing database, purpose-built to treat events as first-class citizens. It supports the storage of billions of streams and events, while maintaining stream and global level ordering across events. It also offers many features that simplify the capture and replay of these events. This enables developers and businesses to gain insights previously unimaginable, transforming all aspects of their operations in ways that were not possible before.
In this talk, you will learn:
  • The differences between the current state and historical events.
  • Why traditional systems focus on the current state and capture only 1% of business data.
  • How event sourcing and historical events enable you to capture the remaining 99%.
  • The "superpowers" you'll gain by capturing the full picture.
  • EventStoreDB's fit in the technology landscape.
  • Common strategies for using EventStoreDB.
  • Examples of popular and impactful use cases.
  • When to use and when not to use EventStoreDB.

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Natasha Waldron is the Event Marketing Manager at Event Store, ensuring Event Store is at the heart of the industry events! She lives in Bath, UK, keeps fit with Crossfit and loves a wild swim.