The Road to Cloud: Part 2

Zachary Schneider  |  30 October 2020

Event Store Cloud has shifted to Preview!

This is an exciting time for us as it means we are now confident that Managed Event Store is production ready for our users. In addition to the features offered by this solution, support will now be available for provisioned resources for those participants in the Preview program.

During the Preview phase of our product launch we will continue to work on preview roadmap items, which includes cluster health management capabilities. Azure support is also on deck for inclusion in November. After these objectives are complete we will be focusing on features that ensure the offering is a first-class, self-service product.

Thank you for your interest in Event Store Cloud. If you haven’t checked out our Cloud Console yet head over to and sign up for an account. If you are interested in joining our preview program please register here.

Feature roadmap



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Zachary Schneider Zach joined Event Store as Head of Cloud in early 2020 and is a Cloud SaaS, IaaS and PaaS industry veteran. Formerly he designed, built, and operated cloud products and streaming data systems at Rackspace and Instana. He loves distributed systems, especially when applied to streaming data problems. He lives in Austin TX, where he enjoys nature, as well as the craft food, coffee, and cocktail culture. On the weekends he can be found running or cycling, or enjoying brunch with his son and wife. He has now left Event Store.