Event Store versioning strategy: a few adjustments

Chris Condron  |  07 March 2022

In 2019 we updated our release process to include a Long Term Support (LTS) each year in October. This helped bring an improved level of predictability to our releases and version support that has been very well received by our customers.

At this time we also added two interim releases per year to allow us to share features more often than once a year. On this schedule, server releases are every 4 months in Feb, June, and LTS in October.

Full releases mean a significant QA cycle, and we have had feedback from customers that they are more interested in basing production workloads on the LTS releases over an interim release. Given this feedback and the level of resources these releases require, we’ve been reviewing the interim releases and have decided to update our strategy around them.

What is the plan going forward?

The LTS release and support plan is unchanged with the last two LTS releases supported and an LTS release every October. For example, the currently supported LTS releases are 21.10 (current), 20.10 (previous).

We are changing the interim release plan to a single interim release each year. This release will generally happen around June. This will allow us to focus on better delivering some of the larger roadmap features customers have been asking for.

We will also be leveraging the nightly and preview builds to showcase features for those customers who want to explore them and allow time to share feedback on experimental features before they are finalized in a release.

The next version

Given our changes to the interim release plan, the next interim version is planned for 22.6 (June) and the next LTS will be 22.10 in October, as originally planned.

How will we know more about the next version and what to expect?

The Event Store team wants to keep EventStoreDB and Event Store Cloud users up to date with our plans, and make sure everyone knows about the exciting new features in the next version. We will make announcements in the future using our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and newsletters. Make sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates as they happen.

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Chris Condron Chris Condron is CTO & Chief Architect at Event Store, and has had a long and storied career with both Event Sourced and Event-Driven applications. He has introduced Event Sourced systems into several companies, by starting from finding the fundamental problem with the existing structure and working to model a new structure from the ground up. Chris is one of the team that guides the future of Event Store, outlining where EventStoreDB can be improved and driving that improvement through.