E-commerce with DDD & Event Sourcing: Event Store’s Erik Shafer’s talk at Explore DDD

Megan Armstrong  |  17 January 2024

Explore DDD, the conference where software professionals come together to discuss advanced Domain Driven Design topics and its practical applications, has gained a new speaker this year in the form of Event Store’s Developer Advocate, Erik Shafer. 

Erik will take to the stage to delve into the intricacies of applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Event Sourcing, and related concepts such as Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) in the context of e-commerce - a field where he has 4 years’ experience as a Software Engineer. 

His talk, titled "Ecommerce with DDD and Event Sourcing," promises to offer valuable insights for teams grappling with the challenges of managing vast SKU databases across multiple online marketplaces.

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The E-commerce Conundrum:

Imagine being part of a dynamic team responsible for handling the business logic and aggregating data for thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) distributed across numerous online marketplaces. The complexities of such a task can be overwhelming, requiring innovative solutions to ensure efficiency, scalability, and maintainability. This is where Erik’s expertise comes into play, as he addresses the pivotal question – why should teams consider adopting DDD, Event Sourcing, and CQRS in the e-commerce domain?

Unraveling the Mysteries:

Erik’s talk promises to unravel these complex concepts by addressing the pressing concerns faced by development teams in the e-commerce sector. From the motivations behind embracing DDD and Event Sourcing to understanding the trade-offs involved, expect a comprehensive exploration of the practical aspects of implementing these ideas in a real-world scenario.

Real-World Success Story:

The highlight of Erik’s presentation lies in the case study of a fast-growing startup that successfully adopted DDD and Event Sourcing. By sharing the challenges and innovative solutions encountered along the way, he’ll provide a roadmap for other teams navigating similar terrain. This firsthand account of a startup's journey offers a unique perspective that goes beyond the typical 'Hello World' examples often found in introductory materials.

Key Takeaways:

By attending this talk, gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Motivations for DDD and Event Sourcing: Explore the reasons behind choosing DDD and Event Sourcing for managing complexities in ecommerce (and other industries!)
  • Trade-offs and Considerations: Understand the trade-offs involved in adopting these concepts and how to navigate them effectively.
  • Practical Implementation: Learn how to implement DDD and Event Sourcing in a real-world scenario, moving beyond theoretical concepts.
  • Startup Success Story: Gain insights from a startup's journey, including challenges faced, failures encountered, and innovative solutions implemented.

Explore DDD will be held at Embassy Suites, Denver, March 12-15th. Get your tickets to watch Erik’s talk and more!

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