New Open Source Clients Available for EventStoreDB

Steph Gill  |  30 October 2020

The team has been working hard to support EventStoreDB, to develop tools to help the community grow and to do more with the technology. One of Event Store’s aims is to have fully-supported, first-class clients for every major language. After announcing the new Java client in July, we have now added three more supported clients in an early preview stage.

As of 30th October 2020, we have added the following clients to the list of officially supported clients:








“We are following through on our commitment to have fully-supported clients for every major language, and we are proud to release these clients. We are working hard on adding more clients in the future to support all major languages.” - Mat McLoughlin, Head of Developer Advocacy


All of the new clients use gRPC as the preferred communications protocol.  We will continue to build clients on other languages and work with the community to ensure these clients give a first class experience when working with EventStoreDB.


Go client:

Node.js client:

Rust client:

Photo of Steph Gill

Steph Gill is Community Engager at Event Store. She lives in Somerset, UK and spends her spare time gaming and walking across the Mendips.