Oskar Dudycz joins Event Store as Developer Advocate

Mat McLoughlin  |  10 December 2020

On Wednesday 2nd December, Oskar Dudycz joined Event Store as a Developer Advocate. His role is to help improve the experience of using EventStoreDB, focusing on educating developers around Event Sourcing and other related technologies. Oskar brings with him years of experience building event sourced applications. Having a background in training and speaking, he is well suited to the role. He is also the co-maintainer of the popular OSS library Marten. 

Oskar said: "I am thrilled because this is a great opportunity for me to work with people like Mat and Alexey Zimarev. It's a rare opportunity to follow my passion. I'll be working on a great product, gaining more knowledge on this topic and will have even more opportunities to share this knowledge with the wider community!"

Hiring Oskar reinforces Event Store’s commitment to improving the documentation and guidance around EventStoreDB as well as the aim to become an essential resource for Event Sourcing related material.

If you want to reach out to Oskar, you can find his blog here and his Twitter account here.

Photo of Mat McLoughlin

Mat McLoughlin Mat is Event Store's Former Head of Developer Advocacy; he uses his previous experience as an Event Store customer building event-sourced systems to identify areas where the developer experience can be improved, and his objective is to help more developers learn and successfully implement Event Store in their systems. He has now left Event Store.