New EventStoreDB Client Library simplifies Event Sourcing for Python Developers

Megan Armstrong  |  17 November 2023

Introducing the new Python client for EventStoreDB – a fusion of two powerful technologies that promises to transform the way you work with data. 

Python is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages in the world, its concise, straightforward, and readable syntax making it an ideal choice for developers across a range of industries. When it comes to Event Sourcing, Python allows Developers to simplify complexity and uncover potential in the Machine Learning space.

EventStoreDB is a database technology that empowers developers to build resilient, event-driven systems with ease. It's the perfect choice for applications demanding reliability and real-time data handling.

So it’s no wonder that there has been community demand for a client library to bring a seamless and efficient way to merge the two. 

As such, we’re excited to announce that our new Python Client Library, created with Consultant and lead developer of Python Event Sourcing library, John Bywater, is now available.

It aims to standardize and simplify interfaces, methods and conventions between EventStoreDB and Python. In turn, it’s sure to enhance the productivity and efficiency of developers who use it, catering to the demands of the Python community and the language's growing popularity. 

Download the Python Client for EventStoreDB today and embark on a journey to build powerful, event-driven applications with the language you love.

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