The 3 superpowers of EventStoreDB

Event Store Team  |  03 October 2023

As a state-transition database, EventStoreDB can bring you and your team a wealth of benefits to simplify problem solving and help your business get more out of its data. 

Developer Advocate Stephen has summarised three of these key benefits as the 3 superpowers of EventStoreDB. Let's hear what he has to say about each!

Superpower 1: Travel in Time

It might sound a little mystical, but a temporal database like EventStoreDB is like having Doctor Strange by your side; a big part of its power can come from time travelling, manipulating time and even creating multiple timelines. In which scenarios can this help you? Stephen explains just that and more below.

Superpower 2: Infuse Meaning to your Data

Moving from a state based to an event based model can bring  a new dimension to your data, bringing with it a wealth of insight - particularly for your complex systems. Here's how.

Superpower 3: Decouple External Systems from your Core Logic

As systems gain complexity, they can become hard to untangle. As Stephen puts it, "systems become like a big ball of mud". So how can EventStoreDB simplify this complexity? Let's go into it. 

If you want to hear more about how EventStoreDB decouples your distributed ball of mud, you won't want to miss this webinar!

Watch EventStoreDB Decoded

These clips were taken from Stephen's webinar, EventStoreDB Decoded. Available on-demand for you to watch at your convenience!