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Modernizing Legacy Systems with EventStoreDB

Is modernizing your legacy system a critical challenge faced by your organization?

The cost and risks associated with a full rewrite often deter businesses from embracing the latest technologies. However, EventStoreDB, can help with this process by offering an incremental approach to modernizing your existing legacy systems.

Let's see how EventStoreDB plays a crucial role in transforming monolithic legacy systems, leveraging insights from the success story of Insureon.

EventStoreDB's Incremental Approach

Traditionally, a full rewrite of a legacy system is a daunting and time-consuming task; with EventStoreDB, you can reduce this complexity and risk by selecting specific portions of your legacy system for modernization, rather than attempting a massive overhaul.

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The Insureon Case Study

One company that embraced this incremental modernization approach is Insureon, a leading online insurance broker. They faced challenges with their legacy system's performance and scalability. Instead of starting from scratch, they opted to build a new service using EventStoreDB, targeting the areas that required modernization.

Seamless Integration and Real-time Updates

EventStoreDB's inherent connection and streaming capabilities were instrumental in Insureon's success. Updates were directed to the new service built on EventStoreDB, while the existing legacy systems were fed back the data in real time as they continued to function.

This integration ensured business continuity and a smooth user experience throughout the modernization process.

Preserving Existing Read Paths

This was vital during modernization. EventStoreDB's incremental approach enabled Insureon to maintain its legacy systems' read capabilities while updating specific areas with modern functionalities. This ensured that the business continued to operate smoothly and efficiently throughout the transition.

Event Sourcing for Enhanced Data Management

Harnessing the power of event sourcing with EventStoreDB provided Insureon with a granular view of system behavior and data evolution. Every data change is now recorded as an immutable event, facilitating debugging, analysis, and maintaining data consistency throughout the modernization journey.

The Result: A Transformed Legacy System

Through their partnership with EventStoreDB, Insureon achieved impressive results. Their new system not only meets the demands of the digital era, but they experienced:

  • Improved system performance
  • Enhanced scalability
  • optimized data management
  • A more positive customer experience

Read the full Insureon case study here. 

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If you’re looking to update your legacy system, join Insureon and embark on a journey of transformation and innovation without the complexities and risks of full rewrites with EventStoreDB. It’s open source, so you can get started building your powerful applications for free.

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