Event Store Announces EventStoreDB Name Change

02 June 2020

Event Store, the business responsible for maintaining the open source database Event Store, is pleased to announce a name change. The current Event Store open source database technology will be renamed EventStoreDB.

"There are two major reasons for the name change. One is to make it as clear as possible that the flagship Event Store technology is a database technology. We had occasional feedback that this wasn't completely clear. Two, it makes room for other products that are on Event Store's roadmap and will be announced in the relatively near future." said Mat McLoughlin, Event Store's Head of Product.

The change will occur incrementally with the GitHub repository change occurring as a part of the upcoming EventStoreDB 20.6 release.

"This better clarifies the distinction between Event Store the commercial entity and, what is now EventStoreDB, the flagship open source database technology. Over time Event Store plans to have multiple complementary products to help developers build event driven systems as well as Event Store Cloud to provide flexible deployment options." said Dave Remy, CEO of Event Store.

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Event Store Ltd is the company responsible for the development and commercial support of the EventStoreDB open source database technology, the leading solution for event persistence within event-sourced applications. Visit our company page to find out more.

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