Training course

Advanced Event Sourcing and CQRS

Advanced training course

Delve into Event Sourcing and CQRS to enhance your expertise. Gain the skills to streamline intricate IT systems and overcome associated challenges.

Course details

Advanced training course


Day 1

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Day 2

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Day 3

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Day 4

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Take a deep dive into Event Sourcing!   This course will teach you to simplify complex IT systems and associated challenges, such as alignment to business requirements, availability, and scalability.  You will gain hands-on experience in modeling and implementing strategies with CQRS and Event Sourcing, empowering you to design highly maintainable systems.

This workshop is practical and interactive, broken down into lectures, group activities, and discussions involving topics such as designing the correct projections, finding the proper boundaries for your aggregate, and dealing with business constraints.

Active participation is required, as attendees should be willing to work in small groups with other attendees and contribute to remote modeling activities on a virtual whiteboard.

It's an ideal follow-on from our 1-day Event Sourcing and CQRS Basics course.


Session one

  • Domain modeling
  • Bounded contexts

Session two

  • Aggregates
  • Processes

Session three

  • Performance command model
  • Versioning
  • GDPR

Session four

  • Designing Projections
  • Open Space

Learning outcomes

  • Demystify the complexity of business domains using Event Storming and Modeling
  • Modeling of Aggregate boundaries
  • Design and implement process managers
  • Redesign and implement aggregates
  • Design and replay projections
  • Scale-out event consumers to align with business objectives


  • A foundational understanding of Event Sourcing and CQRS
  • Proficiency in one mainstream programming language (minimally capable of reading C#/Java-like syntax)
  • Web access (for Miro & Zoom)