Use cases

See how EventStoreDB can be used in different industries by reading our case uses below. Ready to start building a PoC? You can download and use it for free by following the link below.

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EventStoreDB has a huge range of use cases and is already being used by organizations across multiple different industries. Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers choose EventStoreDB to build their systems using Event Sourcing.


Companies in the finance industry including consumer banks, financial trading, and insurance, are heavily regulated. When it comes to data storage and audit capability, all financial organizations need robust solutions that provide immutable audit logs to ensure compliance. They also need to instill trust in their customers through transparency in their system processes.

By building their systems using EventStoreDB, our customers in the finance industry have been able to realize the benefits Event Sourcing provides by storing critical data in streams of immutable events, including increased audit compliance through the capability to rebuild systems as they were at a point in time, and guaranteed writes which ensure all writes are committed to disk.

  • Heavily regulated
  • Require transparency
  • Audit requirements
  • Immutable audit log
  • Rebuild a system as it was at a point in time
  • Single source of truth

“Event Store’s ES provided the performance, semantics, and multiple event transactional capabilities that we needed”


Healthcare organizations like hospitals, health solution providers, and health insurers face lots of challenges when it comes to systems, not least the requirement to adapt to changing regulations. Healthcare providers also have to deal with the migration of legacy systems and centralization of data as they grow and add new teams and requirements. When it comes to designing their systems architecture, healthcare organizations need flexible solutions that allow them to scale and transform as they grow and adapt.

Using EventStoreDB to build their systems on Event Sourcing which stores critical data in streams of immutable events, our customers in the healthcare industry have benefited from real-time reactions to events through projections, and a single source of truth for their distributed architectures.

  • Migrating multiple legacy systems
  • Adapting to changing regulatiuons
  • Centralizing access to data
  • Scalability: handle lots of data
  • Flexibility: transform frontend to meet changing requirements
  • Single source of truth
  • Legacy system migration


Government agencies, local government, and judiciaries have to deal with huge amounts of data they need to keep on record. They often have to deal with the requirements and processes of multiple disparate departments that fundamentally work on the same data records. This means a need for a single source of truth in their systems' data model with the flexibility to use multiple clients concurrently.

Building systems using EventStoreDB to store critical data in streams of immutable events allows our government customers to gradually migrate their legacy systems to modern distributed architectures, to create connected systems for multiple departments with a single source of truth, and to utilize their immutable data stores for audit purposes.

  • Disparate departments and agencies
  • Huge amounts of data
  • Need to store historic data
  • Scalability - handle lots of data
  • Immutable audit log
  • Legacy system migration
  • Single source of truth


Large retailers and ePOS/e-commerce solution providers need systems that allow analysis of huge amounts of data to better understand customers, allowing them to provide personalized shopping experiences and improve their purchasing and operational decisions. They also have to deal with multiple systems and data sources, and increasingly have the requirement to analyze data in near real-time.

Event Store's core database allows our retail customers to store critical data in streams of immutable events, and react in near real-time through projections. It also allows them to build systems with great performance and high availability.

  • Real-time data analytics
  • Multiple systems and data sources
  • Omni-channel retail
  • Deep personalization through event-sourced analytics data
  • Single source of truth supplies both online and in-store
  • Scalability: handle lots of data
  • High availability running as a cluster


Tech companies that provide services such as SaaS solutions or trading applications need to adapt and change in order to compete, and they need a system architecture that enables them to do it fast. They also need to be able to perform in-depth analysis of a growing dataset to monitor performance and focus development.

By using EventStoreDB to build their systems with Event Sourcing, our tech customers have benefited from a high-performance data model that scales and an improved capability to spin up new microservices connected to their central data model.

  • Fast pace of change
  • Quick and unpredictable growth of data
  • Need for in-depth analytics
  • Easy to spin up new microservices tied into central data model
  • Scalability: handle lots of data
  • Flexibility: transform frontend data to meet changing needs of business

"Trading needs to be high performance and low latency. The scalability is critical. By using Event Sourcing, we were able to handle larger volumes and scale faster."


Transport companies carrying out activities such as shipping, freight, and logistics, have a strong need to track shipments accurately and in near real-time to provide customers with a smooth experience. They also have a requirement for in-depth data analysis to measure efficiency and track against targets like carbon emissions.

Event Store customers in the transport industry are benefiting from building their systems using Event Sourcing. With their data being stored as events in immutable streams, they have a full audit log and an improved capability for real-time processing.

  • Real-time processing
  • Immutable audit logs
  • Multiple systems and data sources
  • Immutable audit log
  • Streams increase observability
  • Great performance that scales
  • High availability