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Basic Event Sourcing Design Principles with Unique Constraints as an Example Part 2

2024-02-28T10:00Z     2024-02-28T10:00Z     1 hour     Stephen Tung

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About this webinar

In this second part of the two part webinar series, we will build on what we learnt in part 1 and discuss how the balance of transactional and eventual consistency can be designed in event sourcing. We will explore the different scenarios and trade-offs with a simple coding example based on set validation and unique constraints.

Stephen's key takeaways: 

  1. Building on Part 1 Knowledge: The second part of the webinar series expands on the concepts learned in the first part. This suggests a structured and progressive learning experience where participants can deepen their understanding of the topic.

  2. Designing Consistency in Event Sourcing: The focus is on understanding how to design the balance between transactional and eventual consistency in the context of event sourcing. This indicates a practical exploration of the nuanced aspects of maintaining data consistency in distributed systems.

  3. Practical Examples and Trade-offs: The webinar promises to provide practical insights through a coding example based on set validation and unique constraints. Attendees can expect to explore real-world scenarios and make informed decisions by weighing the trade-offs associated with different design choices.