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Event Sourcing in a Serverless World

1 hour     Alexey Zimarev

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About this webinar

Event Sourcing in a Serverless World

Have you been using event sourcing to build robust and scalable systems, but are now curious about how it fits with Serverless architecture?

As someone who's deeply immersed in the world of Event Sourcing, I too was curious about this intersection. I've spent a lot of time exploring how Event Sourcing can be implemented in a Serverless environment, and have discovered some unique challenges and opportunities.

In this webinar, I'll take you on a journey through my findings, starting with an overview of Serverless architecture and the benefits it brings. But as we dive deeper, we'll explore the thorny issue of implementing real-time subscriptions in a Serverless environment and the various approaches and trade-offs involved. Along the way, I'll share some of my own experiences and provide concrete examples of how to solve some of the toughest problems.

Whether you're a seasoned Event Sourcing expert or new to the game, this talk is guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on how Event Sourcing can be leveraged in a Serverless world. Join me and let's explore this exciting intersection together!

 Alexey's main takeaways from this webinar;
  • Overview of serverless architecture
  • Benefits of serverless architecture
  • How to overcome challenges of implementation 
  • Real-life experiences and examples of how to solve problems
  • How can Event Sourcing be leveraged in a serverless world