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EventStoreDB in Software Applications: Greenfield, Legacy and Sidecar

1 hour     Yves Lorphelin

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About this webinar

Join us, as Yves Lorphelin delves into the dynamic world of EventStoreDB and its pivotal role in various software application scenarios. Whether you're working on Greenfield projects, managing legacy systems, or exploring the advantages of a sidecar architecture, this session has something for everyone.

Key Topics:

Greenfield Innovation:
  • Explore how EventStoreDB provides  a robust foundation for event-driven architectures from the ground up.
  • Learn best practices and real-world examples of leveraging EventStoreDB to drive innovation and scalability in new software applications.
Legacy System Transformation:
  • Uncover strategies for integrating EventStoreDB into legacy systems, breathing new life into established applications.
  • Discover how event sourcing and CQRS patterns with EventStoreDB can modernize legacy architectures without disrupting critical business processes.
Sidecar Source of Truth:
  • Dive into the concept of sidecar architectures and how EventStoreDB can act as a dedicated, specialized component alongside your existing applications.
  • Understand the benefits of adopting a sidecar approach.

Who Should Attend:

  • Developers and architects working on new projects (Greenfield)
  • IT professionals managing or upgrading legacy systems
  • Engineers interested in exploring sidecar architectures
  • Anyone curious about maximizing the potential of EventStoreDB in diverse software landscapes