Release Notes

22.10.3 Release Notes

Hayley Campbell  |  10 October 2023

We are pleased to announce the official patch release of EventStoreDB OSS & Commercial version 22.10.3 LTS.

This is a patch to the 22.10 LTS release, which will be supported until October 2024. Read more about our versioning strategy.

The complete changelog can be found here. If you need help planning your upgrade or want to discuss support, please contact us here.

EventStoreDB 22.10.3 is available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • CentOS 7 (Commercial version)
  • Amazon Linux 2 (Commercial version)
  • Oracle Linux 7 (Commercial version)

Additionally, you can find docker images including the preview ARM64 image on Dockerhub.

Should I upgrade?

22.10.3 is a patch to the 22.10 LTS version which will be supported for 2 years until version 24.10.0 is released in October 2024.

If you are already running 22.10.x, then we recommend that you upgrade to 22.10.3. This patch has an important fix for rolling certificate upgrades and large indexes.

If you are on 21.10.x then we recommend that you ensure that you are on the latest version (21.10.9 at the time of this post) and that you start planning your upgrade ahead of 21.10 reaching end of life.

21.10 reaches end of life this year

EventStore 21.10 reaches its end of life in October this year. There is a 3 month grace period after a version reaches its end of life where we will support it with major fixes or security patches to allow for upgrades to a later version.

We recommend planning your upgrade to either 22.10 or 23.10 before the end of the year.

An online upgrade can be done between 21.10 and 22.10 using the standard upgrade procedure.

Upgrade Procedure

To upgrade a cluster from 21.10.x or 22.10.x,  a usual rolling upgrade can be done:

  • Pick a node (start with the follower nodes first, then choose the leader last).
  • Stop the node, upgrade it and start it.

Where Can I Get the Packages?

Downloads are available on our website.

The packages can also be installed using the following instructions.

Ubuntu 18.04/20.04/22.04 (via packagecloud)

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install eventstore-oss=22.10.3

Windows (via Chocolatey)

choco install eventstore-oss -version 22.10.3

Docker (via docker hub)

docker pull eventstore/eventstore:22.10.3-bionic
docker pull eventstore/eventstore:22.10.3-buster-slim

Fixes in this release

This release includes two major fixes for this version:

Fix live reloading of certificates

There was a regression in version 22.10.0 that prevented certificates from being reloaded through the /admin/reloadconfig endpoint or through a SIGHUP signal. This means that it was not possible to perform a rolling certificate upgrade across a cluster on previous versions of 22.10.

Now that this is fixed you can perform a rolling certificate upgrade by performing the following steps:

  1. Generate new certificates for each node in the cluster.
  2. Start with a follower node. Either update the node’s configuration with the new certificate paths, or replace the old certificate with the new one.
  3. Reload the certificate configuration by either:
    1. Sending an empty POST to the /admin/reloadconfig endpoint with admin or ops credentials
    2. Sending a SIGHUP signal to the process (linux only)
  4. Repeat the above steps on each node in the cluster
  5. Wait at least 10 minutes after the last node was updated to ensure that the changes take effect.

You can find more in-depth documentation about reloading certificates in the maintenance documentation.

Support bloom filters for very large index files

This patch fixes two issues that could cause the server to exit when trying to create or read very large bloom filters.

The first issue occurred when EventStoreDB tried to create a bloom filter for a PTable larger than 400gb (around 16 billion events). This caused EventStoreDB to create a bloom filter larger than the maximum allowed size, and caused the server to exit. The size of bloom filters is now clamped to the maximum allowed size.

The second issue is Linux-specific. Bloom filters larger than around 2gb could not be opened due to the way they were being read off disk by EventStoreDB. This caused the bloom filters to not be used by the server. This has now been fixed.

Check out the Indexes documentation for more detailed information about indexes, PTables, and how bloom filters work in EventStoreDB.

For more detailed information about these fixes and others in this release, please check the Changelog.

Documentation and previous release notes

Read EventStoredDB documentation here.

Previous release notes can be found here.

Providing Feedback

If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to open an issue on GitHub if there isn’t one already.

We also have an official Discord Server and an active Discuss forum for discussions, questions and for giving us feedback.

If you have any questions that aren't covered in these release notes or the docs, please feel free to reach out.

Photo of Hayley Campbell

Hayley Campbell Hayley is Engineering Team Lead for Event Store and works in our Netherlands office. She was part of the team back in 2015 and re-joined in 2019. In her spare time she enjoys playing games.