Release Notes

23.10.0 Release Notes

Hayley Campbell  |  31 October 2023

We are excited to introduce EventStoreDB version 23.10.0 LTS, available for both OSS & Commercial users, and supported through to October 2025. The full changelog is available and for upgrade assistance or support inquiries, please get in touch.

Available platforms:

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu (versions 18.04, 20.04, 22.04)
  • CentOS 7, Amazon Linux 2, Oracle Linux 7 (Commercial)
  • Docker images (including ARM64 preview) on Dockerhub

Upgrade Procedure

You can find the upgrade procedure and list of breaking changes in the 23.10.0 Upgrade Guide.

Should I Upgrade?

As a Long-Term Support (LTS) release, we will support 23.10 for 2 years, concluding with the 25.10.0 release in October 2025.

  • Users on versions 23.6.0 should upgrade as support for this version has ceased.
  • Users on versions 22.10.x should update to at least 22.10.3 or to 23.10.0 to use new features.
  • Users on version 21.10.x or earlier versions should upgrade directly to 23.10.0 to maintain support.

21.10 End of Life and upgrade grace period 

Version 21.10 is now unsupported. A grace period extends until January 2024 for critical updates.

We recommend upgrades to 22.10 or 23.10 before year-end, using the online upgrade procedure detailed in these notes.

Downloads and Installation 

Packages are available on our website and can be installed via Packagecloud, Chocolatey, or Docker. See detailed commands/instructions for each platform.

Release highlights

  • Database Telemetry: Anonymous usage data from running clusters optimizes user experience and guides development (opt-out available).
  • Prometheus Metrics: Enhanced, actionable database metrics in Prometheus format.
  • Security Updates: Includes wildcard support for CertificateReservedCommonName, default Admin/Ops passwords setup, and tightened anonymous access.
  • FIPS Compliance (Commercial): EventStoreDB now runs on FIPS-restricted systems via a commercial plugin.

Database Telemetry

The database now collects anonymous usage data from running clusters. We’ll be using this data to improve user experience and inform our future development.

You can opt out of sending telemetry by setting the EVENTSTORE_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable to true.

For more information visit

Prometheus Metrics

We introduced more helpful and usable metrics in Prometheus format, making it easier to understand what is happening in the database, and to make better decisions about how to operate it.

Check out our metrics blog post to learn how to set up some default dashboards with this new feature.

You can find a full list of the new metrics, how to configure them, and what the outputs of each look like in the metrics documentation.

Security and Certificate Improvements

In addition to the security updates included in version 23.6.0, we have improved the experience around configuring node certificates in a cluster. We now support using a wildcard in the ReservedNodeCommonName option, so you no longer have to use wildcard certificates or certificates with the same CName on every node.

You can read more about these changes in our post about the Security Updates in version 23.10.

Configuration improvements

Refinements from version 23.6.0 continue, particularly renaming "External/Internal" interfaces to "Node/Replication" for clarity.

The old options have been deprecated and will be removed in 24.10 next year, but are still usable in 23.10. All of the deprecated and new options are listed in the Upgrade Guide.

Breaking changes

There are some breaking changes when upgrading from 22.10 to 23.10. None of these changes prevent you from performing a rolling upgrade between these two versions.

The breaking changes are:

  • gRPC Clients connecting to EventStoreDB must be authenticated (by default).
  • Requests to the HTTP API must be authenticated (by default).
  • PrepareCount and CommitCount options have been removed.
  • The Persistent Subscriptions config event type PersistentConfig1 has been renamed to $PersistentConfig.
  • Options prefixed with Ext and Int have been deprecated. Use the options prefixed with Node and Replication respectively.

You can read more about these breaking changes and what you should be aware of during an upgrade in the Upgrade Guide.

Resources and feedback

Issues or questions? Open a GitHub issue, join our Discord Server, or post on our forum.

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Hayley Campbell Hayley is Engineering Team Lead for Event Store and works in our Netherlands office. She was part of the team back in 2015 and re-joined in 2019. In her spare time she enjoys playing games.