Built for event-native applications, EventStoreDB immutably stores every event to give you context rich business data. Decouple your complex systems, increase scalability and flexibility, gain real-time insights and future proof your architecture.


Built for event sourcing, EventStoreDB immutably stores every event to give you context rich business data. Decouple your complex systems, increase scalability and flexibility, gain real-time insights and future proof your architecture.

  • Most traditional databases only provide the current state of your application or domain. The context that led to that change in state is lost. EventStoreDB stores your data as a series of immutable events over time that allows for greater data integrity and transparency.

  • When your application stores important, critical data and integrates with more and more external systems it becomes tightly coupled and hard to scale. With EventStoreDB you can decouple your external systems with asynchronous messaging making your system cleaner and more compact.

  • As your system grows, traditional databases may face challenges in scaling horizontally. This can lead to increasing write latency and a slowdown in the overall system. With EventStoreDB, legacy systems can be broken down one use case at a time, allowing you to decouple your complex systems to create scalable and flexible microservices.

  • When you append events into EventStoreDB, they are stored as a reliable log of the changes in your application. The change itself is stored as well as the context of the change. These changes represent a core asset of your business and can be streamed, replayed, and transformed into whatever shape you need. With EventStoreDB events are written to disk making it ideal for a “source of truth” database.


Guaranteed writes

Writes are committed to disk which makes it ideal for a “source of record” database.


High availability

EventStoreDB can run as a cluster of nodes containing the same data which remains available for writes provided at least half the nodes are alive and connected.



Projections allow you to react to events as they are written, and to create new events when interesting combinations occur.



There are client SDKs based on the gRPC framework for all major languages and platforms including .NET, Node.js, Python, Java, Go and Rust.


concurrency checks

Writes supports an optimistic concurrency check on the version of the stream to which events are written. If the check fails during writing, the server returns an exception to let you know.


Great performance 
that scales

Whilst performance depends on configuration and use patterns, we’ve benchmarked EventStoreDB at around 15,000 writes per second and 50,000 reads per second!


Multiple hosting options

The server can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, both on-premises or in-cloud.


Commercial support plans

Multi-tiered support plans with response times as low as 2-hours. If you’re a support customer, you’ll also get access to a commercial version and a range of operational tools.


Immutable data store

EventStoreDB stores your data as a series of immutable events over time, providing one of the strongest audit log options available (characteristics similar to a blockchain).

EventStoreDB Relational DB
Streaming Data

Subscriptions give you 
real time changes

Data can be overwritten, needs verification


Save changes once, subscriptions propagate changes instantly

Data needs to be recorded then changes pushed out to the system

Service Autonomy

Stop and start self-validating streams as needed

Needs to be rebuilt gracefully in line with other systems

Event-Driven Architecture

Build complex workflows and react in real-time

All solutions need to consider the different forms of data

Time Travel

Move through the event stream in any direction for analysis and forecasting

Not always easy or possible, changelogs might be needed

Root Cause Analysis

Trace events back to their roots, making analysis easy and faultless

Refer back to changelogs, check external data sources, piece together information

Legacy Migration

When older systems need replacing, do it one use case at a time

Needs long term planning, down time and to happen all at once

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If you’d like to know how EventStoreDB can help your use case, drop us line and a member of our team be in touch.


EventStoreDB & MongoDB

EventStoreDB and MongoDB work extremely well together in practice, where their benefits complement each other.


EventStoreDB & Kafka

EventStoreDB and Kafka are two popular technologies that can be used together to build a highly scalable and reliable event-driven architecture.


EventStoreDB & Postgres

You can use EventStoreDB for your event-driven architecture and integrate into Postgres, keeping the outputs your business is familiar with.


Event Store Cloud

EventStoreDB can be provisioned automatically with our multi-cloud SaaS offering, Event Store Cloud. With support for AWS, GCP, and Azure (coming soon), you can subscribe to and manage Event Store service offerings via an API and an easy-to-use web console. You can provision services, and connect these services securely to their own cloud resources.


We use our years of experience helping customers with their event-sourced systems to provide implementation and development consulting that helps you get the most from your Event Sourcing project.


Commercial Support

Protect your business-critical systems with technical support from the team behind EventStoreDB. Plans for every stage of the project and with a range of Service Level Agreements.


Our Event Store Learning Academy can help your team learn about event sourcing, CQRS and Domain-Driven Design -  from beginners to advanced. We also offer a wealth of free training resources to help you make the most out of your event-native applications and EventStoreDB.


Step 1:
Download EvenStoreDB

There are lots of ways to install the open-source version of EventStoreDB. We also offer a commercial version that is available to our paid support plan customers.


Step 2:
Read our Documentation

Follow our beginner’s tutorial for step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing the server, and writing sample applications to write and read events.


Step 3:
Join Our Community

Our community is a space to learn more about EventStoreDB. Come and discover why we are so much more than just another Event Store.