Event Store Cloud has entered GA

Steph Gill  |  08 June 2021

We are delighted to announce that Event Store Cloud has entered General Availability (GA) and is Production Ready.

Event Store Cloud has been developed to be ‘Production hardened first’, putting the stability and security of the product in operational scenarios as the central focus for the Engineering team. Our Engineers have been working to make sure the Event Store Cloud instances can be used to their fullest potential by all users.

Event Store Cloud removes the overhead of managing and maintaining EventStoreDB, as it is a fully managed database operated by Event Store staff, provisioned to the cloud of your choice. As part of General Availability, there are several new features that have been added and hardened to make them stable and secure. The new features include Opsgenie and Slack integrations, backup and restore functionality, and cluster health management.

Event Store Cloud General Availability is a significant milestone both for Event Store and EventStoreDB users. We have seen tremendous interest in the Preview phase with enterprises moving into Production and many more in Test and Staging. Thanks to the teams participating in Event Store Cloud Preview, your feedback has been super valuable. EventStoreDB is seeing remarkable growth and has ambitious plans. Event Store Cloud is key to making it easier and safer to adopt and run your “source of truth”, critical, production workloads.


Dave Remy, CEO at Event Store.

Now that Event Store Cloud has entered General Availability, we can announce the full range of features available on the Event Store Cloud as well as our roadmap feature.

The GA feature set includes:

  • Multi-cloud: Event Store Cloud can be connected to the Google Cloud platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure.
  • Migration: the Replicator tool can help you move your data from your local instance to the Event Store Cloud as efficiently as possible.
  • Cluster health management: a robust set of features for monitoring cluster health via the events console and third party integrations.
  • Scheduled backups: automatically backup a cluster on your selected schedule.
  • Integrations with third party providers like OpsGenie, and Slack to surface Event Store Cloud notifications and issues.
  • Connect using Terraform, CLI or the Event Store Console. You can see the full list of benefits here.
  • Each of the connection options enables the fine grained access control policy.
  • Event Store Cloud’s status can be monitored here, at any time from any location.

We’re going to be discussing other new features over the next few weeks, so we invite you to look at the features page here for further information on Event Store Cloud and how to migrate your EventStoreDB to the Cloud.

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Steph Gill is Community Engager at Event Store. She lives in Somerset, UK and spends her spare time gaming and walking across the Mendips.