Migrate to Event Store Cloud today in just 4 simple steps

Steph Gill  |  28 October 2021

Getting started with Event Store Cloud may seem like a challenge, but actually, with just 4 simple steps, you can be up and running in just 5 minutes. So you can benefit from automatic back-ups, automation and so much more, here is what you need to get you started:

1: Access to your company’s network

Get in touch with your Ops team to give you access to Event Store Cloud securely through your company’s network. Make sure to let them know what you’re doing before you start, and ask them if they have any concerns. 

2: Access to a cloud provider

Depending on your choice of cloud provider, you’ll need access to your cloud provider's console. This will include permission to access the interface, as well as the login details. Your Infrastructure or Operations team will be able to get this for you.

3: The ability and permission to create a network peering

Not every organization will allow you to make a peering network without going through some security checks or preparations. Make sure you’re allowed and are able to make a network peering, to connect Event Store Cloud to the cloud provider of your choice. You’ll only need to do this once; once it’s connected, you won’t need to reconnect it every time.

4: Provisioning turned on

You can do this through the Event Store Console as you’re setting up Event Store Cloud. Follow the instructions for setting up Event Store Cloud here, and request provisioning be turned on within the Event Store Cloud console. There are also instructions for provisioning here. You can also contact our Customer Success team who will be happy to help. 


Now you are ready to begin your Event Store Cloud journey, what’s next?

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That’s all you need. If you do need help at any step, get in touch with our Customer Success team who will be happy to assist you.

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Steph Gill is Community Engager at Event Store. She lives in Somerset, UK and spends her spare time gaming and walking across the Mendips.