New documentation

Mat McLoughlin  |  03 September 2020

You may have noticed there has been several changes at Event Store over the past few months, including an upcoming cloud offering and a new release of the server (along with name change). As part of these changes, we are also going to start putting more effort into documentation.

It’s safe to say that documentation has not been a strong point of Event Store for some time now. Gaps in the API documentation and limited guidance on best practices often made it difficult for people to get started using EventStoreDB.

Beginning now, we are going to be working hard to provide more comprehensive documentation on the most recent versions of our client and servers. Providing more sample code and guidance on how to properly use EventStoreDB. We will also be adding an article section, that will contain help on implementing common event sourced applications patterns.

It’s still very early days, and we have a long way to go, so please be patient, but we are committed to improving the situation. For a preview of what it’s going to look like, please visit We’d love to get feedback as we improve things. So if you have any comments or requests for documentation, please create an issue on GitHub.

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Mat McLoughlin Mat is Event Store's Former Head of Developer Advocacy; he uses his previous experience as an Event Store customer building event-sourced systems to identify areas where the developer experience can be improved, and his objective is to help more developers learn and successfully implement Event Store in their systems. He has now left Event Store.